Richard Nathan's Books

Walking with Time ~ This is Nathan’s narrative of his epic journey. Comparable to other books in the travel genre, it provides an intimate portrait of modern America, describing many of the places Nathan visited along his route and also many of the fascinating characters he met. It sheds light on some of the rich and often little known stories from early American history, many of which Nathan himself learned for the first time as he passed through the places where the events took place. It also unfolds the incredible story of Ingram, Twide, and Browne, the three Elizabethan sailors who walked from Mexico to Canada in the 1560’s. Nathan interweaves their story with that of his own journey, taking us finally to the beach in northern Mexico where the sailors were marooned.

Walking With Time is represented by Edward Knappman of New England Publishing Associates.  Information regarding publisher and publication date will be posted on this website as soon as it is available

Tails of Brave Ulises ~ Tails of Brave Ulises is a story book ideal for children aged 8-10. It consists of a short prologue and six stories, each of approximately 2500 words.  Although it is a series of fantasies told by a canine narrator, it is based on the real life adventures of a dog called Ulises, and it incorporates solid factual material relating to early American history.

Whom the Gods Love Die Young ~ ~ In November 2002, Richard Nathan began work on a new book, "Whom the Gods Love Die Young."  This will be a collection of about thirty reflective essays on the lives of great artistic geniuses who have died young.  The historical survey will begin in Elizabethan England with the poets Philip Sydney and Christopher Marlowe, and will come up to the modern era, including such icons of popular music as Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.

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