Not since Sir Richard Burton has our college produced so intrepid a traveler.
  The Honorable Michael Beloff, QC. President, Trinity College, Oxford

Richard Nathan

Richard Nathan grew up in Yorkshire and studied Philosophy & Theology at Trinity College, Oxford. He then lived in London for six years, working as a fine art auctioneer, specializing in antique furniture and oriental carpets. In September 1979, he decided to travel, joining an overland expedition bound for Kathmandu. He spent a total of nine months traveling through Asia, and then lived in Australia for a year. After brief spells back in England and in Switzerland, he set off on another overland expedition, his destination this time, Zimbabwe, where he lived for two years, teaching English and History at a rural boarding school.

He moved to the United States in January 1985, and became a permanent resident the following year, moving from New York to Los Angeles in the summer of 1987. In the sixteen years he has lived in the US, Nathan has taught English Literature and Composition, mostly at the high school level. In 1993-94 he tried to establish his own school in Los Angeles, but discovered his limitations as a fund-raiser.

In the Autumn of 1997, Nathan launched a literary-satirical magazine called Mad Dogs & Englishmen, which he produced primarily for the amusement of the large expatriate British population in America. He wrote numerous articles himself and published ten bi-monthly issues, until forced to admit defeat in April 1999. (Some back issues are available upon request!)

A few days after his 46th birthday, which coincided with the de facto demise of MD&E, Nathan decided to take a long walk … about 4,000 miles.

Ulises is a 3-year old English springer spaniel mix, his other half very possibly coming from a Chesapeake Retriever. When he was approximately 1-year old, he was abandoned in New York City and taken to a pound in Spanish Harlem. In the nick of time, he was rescued by the Humane Society of New York, which tried for six months to find a new home for him. Then the Humane Society heard about Richard Nathan and of his search for a walking companion. Ulises joined Nathan on October 1, 1999, in Rye Beach, New Hampshire. On the very next day, he discovered the joys of walking.
Update February, 2009
Ulises died suddenly of a heart attack, just a few weeks short of his 11th birthday. In February, 2002, he had been diagnosed with a genetic degeneration of the retina.  The prognosis of the animal eye specialist at that time was that he would be totally blind by the end of the year.  Apparently, the condition is quite common in Spaniels and Retrievers.  However, he remained a sublimely happy dog throughout the remaining years of his life.

As the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote:

        "This dog only waited on,
          Knowing that when light is gone
          Love remains for shining."



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